14 October 2010

October? You MUST be joking.

So it's October. But I'm using the excuse that it's still almost 80 degrees everyday as to why time has slipped away from me as of late. Remember the days I felt the need to express myself internet-ly just about everyday? Gone they are my friend, but I really want these memories so I'm trying.

So here's a bunch of mumbo jumbo (in NO particular order):

August 2010 - we went camping! Just down in O'Neil Park (between Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita). We went with Brent, Linnae and Kirsi, it was so fun!

October 2010 - with family in town we picnic'd at the park and then headed down to the Shaw's Cove tidepools. I hadn't been there all summer which is so sad because I love this place and it's so close!

September 2010 - We've had a few lovely Autumn nights like this at Disneyland.

July 2010 - Paris. I wish I could relive this moment a few million times a day.

July 2010 - Paris again (hey pictures in order, woo!). Jardin du Luxembourg this time. sigh.

October 2010 - same night as tide pools. This is my husband jumping into the water as I watch from a distance, a sure to be trend in our marriage if we ever get our beach house. ;)

September 2010 - Robert's progress back then on creating my dream patio (not kidding I've always wanted a grassy/brick patio and/or driveway, who knew I'd get it so soon?) You should see it now! I have one amazing husband.
August 2010 - I went to visit the P family in Fresno! Here's B looking cute at the water park.
Momma, me and seester J looking super cute after a wet and relaxing day. Water parks are always the highlight of my summers.

It was a long and hot day and N didn't stop the whole time, until now.

Don't you love that B took time to smile but is still watching the TV?

August 2010 - We went to a few angel's games this year! Here's us (don't mind all my chins) and the Adams our good friends/neighbors.

July 2010 - Little N turned 3! That is just crazy.

September 2010 - Momma got one of those "give a day, get a day" tickets for Disneyland before they were gone so we were excited when September finally came (the month we planned to go) so we could go use it! We rode the carousel twice...and I think she wanted to do it more.

On the tram and so excited! It was seriously one of our best monthly dates to date! Love you mom!

08 October 2010

A train is not the place...

...to have personal phone conversations about how you broke the news of your divorce to your 4 year old son. oh and she just called her girlfriend to talk about what they'll wear "out" tomorrow. oh my heart is aching...

13 August 2010

OC fair

We ended up going to the fair sorta last minute, just the two of us, it was so fun...I always forget how much fun we have at anything when it's just the two of us!

baby chickies!

Robert's favorite was the big garden area

We paid $1 each to see this HUGE cow, and it was worth it, I was shocked. It looked at Robert and Robert literally ran out. Hilarious.

so cute.

Our indulgent treat of fried Australian Potatoes - a fair must from now on.

On the big high in the sky swing thing, we were so scared we couldn't stop laughing.

fried snickers was more like a breaded snickers. Don't recommend.
That was our fair experience, it made it really feel like summer. Besides the fact that it was about 65 degrees the whole time. Summer, please come out and play?

05 August 2010

know how.

circa summer 2008.

what is there to know?
all this is what it is
you and me alone
sheer simplicity

25 July 2010


As of Tuesday Robert and I have been home from our wonderful 10-day European vacation! We started it off in Finland for 6 days with Robert's mom and sister Kathy. The last 3 days were spent in Paris, but that'll be on the next post!
Here's some highlights from Finland! (p.s. for those who don't know, we went to Finland because that's where Robert's mother is from, aka Robert is 1/2 Finnish and there's still family there!)
Our first night swim in the Baltic! Oh and this is at like 11pm, the sun doesn't set until midnight-ish!An old fort island called "Suomenlina" in Helsinki, Robert looooved it.
Shopping in Helsinki with my mother-in-law Eila and Robert's cute cousin Petra Kirsi, who lives in Helsinki.We went to a park called "Aulanko" it was SO pretty with tons of things to see and climb in Robert's case. Me next to an old wall at an old rock church we went to see, I loved how the moss and grass were growing on top of this wall, so neat.
Our last full day in Finland we spent the day at the lake house of a relative, Ritva and her husband, everyone, well mostly, has a lake house in Finland. Most of them don't have running water or electricity, true camping! Robert and his uncle Jukka walking down to a lake to go swimming, again around 10pm at night!
Robert striking a pose at his Mummi's house that we stayed at in Lahti, Finland for 2 days.
Getting water from a real fresh spring water well for the cabin for the day

me braving the outhouse at said cabin

the cabin.walking through Helsinki on our way to Paris!
To see more pictures check out the album I'm soon to put on my facebook page!

16 June 2010

Fenn Photography

Hey Utah friends!
My dear friends Natalie + David (as seen above)
of Fenn Photography are having a giveaway!
Check out their website for details
I mean look at their pup, how could you not want to enter their giveaway?!

11 June 2010

on steroids.

Do you ever log onto like WebMD and see these awful pictures of skin disorders as you're trying to diagnose a little itchy patch or something on your arm? And you find yourself saying, "Well that kinda looks like it, but I'm not that bad." Well...I wish I could say that.

NOTE: Don't try to save yourself money by shopping for lotion at the Dollar Tree.

This picture only shows about HALF of what's going on on my legs (just the lower half - thank goodness), oh and it's all over my elbows and creeping up my arms.

Blogs are like journals right? I wanted to document my first experience with hives.

The Friday before Memorial Day we got kicked out of work around 1pm and so we made a Disney Daytime Day out of it. I always forget how fun it is during the day!

We rode the canoes! and the best part was the little girl in front of me that was splashing me the whole time.

Squinty eyed Big Thunder Mtn. picture.

And just because I love our neighbors and their babies, here is Roberto with little P, isn't he adorable?!

14 May 2010

Iron Man 2 afterall.

photos of times passed.

Maybe someday I'll love this blog again, until then, here are some photos of times passed, in reverse order, because that's how lazy I am...enjoy.