28 December 2009

ho ho ho.

Christmas is over :( The short vacay went by fast, and now Robert and I are both home this evening with stomach aches. No, not from too much egg nog (though I thought that was the cause last night after consuming 3 glasses of the artery-clogging holiday beverage.)...we're pretty sure we got some form of the flu that's been going around.
Anyways, here's how Christmas went for us
Robert was a wise man in the pageant. Spent lots of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Rach-b-nach, my soon to be Hawaii Livin' niece. :(
The Adams' joined us for Christmas Eve, it was nice since we love them all like family :)

Robert amongst the loot post-opening presents. Completely forgot to take pictures during all the excitement!

Visiting with Momma...

Outside our front door on Christmas morning, Hope all your Christmases were just swell!

I'm married to a 30 year old.

Robert turned 30 on the 18th of December, it was pretty darn exciting. I had been planning his party for a while so it was exciting that it was finally here!
The party was on the 19th, so on the 18th we got a chance to spend some time together, of course we went to Disneyland to get his free monies!
After grabbing the mula we went to get some dinner at the Storyteller's Cafe, mucho delicioso.
Then the party on Saturday. One of my requirements for me to throw this party was for me not to stress out...this was Robert's request, and I think I did pretty darn good!

Happy Birthday Babes.

22 December 2009

thank goodness for Christmas baking...

Last Saturday I was preparing a cake for Robert's birthday and my hand mixer broke. Robert bought me that hand mixer our first Christmas together...I was sad to see it go. And immediately panic-y when I thought of all the Christmas goodies I had yet to bake! How was I going to do it without my faithful little mixer buddy?

But my sentiments towards the broken mixer were soon turned around when I suggested we should just go use our Williams-Sonoma money from our wedding (I had been hanging onto it because who can justify spending $60 on a cookie sheet??) and just buy a KitchenAid already. You can imagine my shock and amazement when Robert said, "Ok! Get it!"

So as of last night I am the proud owner of this little beauty...

I'll admit, it was a tough decision between Buttercup Yellow and Lemongrass Green. But yellow has been good to me thus far...

Anyways, I will hopefully blog soon on Robert turning THIRTY and Christmas around the corner! But for now...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

22 November 2009

Georgia on my mind.

To celebrate our first whole year of marriage - and to really just take a much-needed vacation - Robert and I went to Savannah, Georgia...
I know, I know what some if not all of you are thinking at this point, "Why Savannah??" Well, I've always wanted to see the South and as prices grew higher and higher the longer we were indecisive about a trip to NYC...Savannah it was. And let me tell you, it was the best trip I've ever taken.

Here are some highlights:

This is Robert in Reynold's Square, it was the square right next to our hotel. (look at those trees!!)

All the iron work everywhere was gorgeous. This was my favorite.

In a square after our anniversary dinner, we ate at a restaurant called The Olde Pink House it was very fancy...I got the lobster.

One of our many times of wandering the city, this is the Cotton Exchange where they used to buy and sell the first cotton clothing.

We rented bikes one day to be able to get around the city better...this was one of those days I wish I could re-live everyday.

Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant. I got the buffet. Best fried chicken I've ever eaten. Let's just say I had trouble standing up straight when we left.

Relaxing in another of the many squares. This is right before I found the ugliest, hugest bug on Robert's shoulder and we both jumped up and squirmed around like idiots. priceless.

The Atlantic Lake, I mean Ocean.

At Fort Polanski. It was a really neat Fort from the Civil War era. As I took this picture Robert had his hand outside in the shape of a gun and was saying "Boom, boom,boomboomboom..." classic.

Nice sunset over the Georgian marshes. It was strange seeing it set over something that wasn't an ocean. A nice change.

So that was Georgia. It was beautiful, it was relaxing. Mostly though...it was nice to be with Robert celebrating our first year of marriage and remembering our special day and our honeymoon and trying to relive it. Ok, enough shmoopyness. Savannah's awesome. go there.

24 October 2009

what we been doin.

New couch, new side table, same coffee table that finally feels at home.

1. Most boxes are unpacked but I have few havens in our apartment that I can actually sit in and relax knowing everything is where I want it to be. This is a long decision process for me.

2. We booked our anniversary trip finally! And we're going to Savannah, Georgia! I've ALWAYS wanted to see the South and it seemed the best way to actually relax on our little vacation. Points of interest I can't wait for: Riverboat cruise, Haunted Ghost Trolley tour, Horse drawn carriages, Antique stores galore, and Paula Deen's Lady & Sons Restaurant (yum.).

3. I can't believe we've almost been married a year...and when I say I can't believe it, I mean because it feels like we've always been married. And I mean that in a good way.

4. I'm working 4 days a week with Robert nowadays, it's fun being together alot!

5. My arms have been sore for 2 weeks from painting, yes painting. I am such an incredible wimp.

6. Robert's out eating El Torito right now for Ryan's bachelor party and I am sooo jealous.

7. In our little courtyard here we are surrounded by youngin's ages 4 and under and I love it, they're so friendly, we have a welcoming committee each night :)

8. Went to a Halloween party last night and did the 3 legged race and I was the first to fall face first, which therefore brought Robert down face first...his reaction? "Get up! We're gonna be last!!!" loved it.

9. Robert usually lets me do what I want when it comes to decorating, but a couple weeks ago he said, "Honey...we have alot of empty picture frames in our house." hint hint? I MUST search through our thousands of wedding pictures.

10. Our new laundry room is coin-op. This is already a thorn in my side.

21 September 2009

distance makes the heart grow fonder.

boy, they weren't kidding.

One question...will Wednesday at 8:04pm ever come??

18 September 2009


Nie shared, and I can't help but also.

The gospel gives me chills it's so amazing.

click here: http://http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbsU3b2srQA

09 September 2009

3.5 day weekend.

This weekend was one of those weekends that I'm sure I will look back on when I have 5 little-tykes running around (5 or 7, not 4 or 6, I hate even number kids - which one is supposed to be the rebel middle child?) I will say "Seriously, how did we ever do that?"
I didn't take a single picture...but sometimes I think life is better sans-film and pure-memories.

It started out on Friday: Robert got home earlyish and we lazied around for hours together (a real treat) and then finally picked up a Pizza-Hut not stuffed crust but cheesy nonetheless pizza (not recommended) and headed to a park full of ducks! I loved them, until they started chasing me - not joking.
After we got some ice cream (Thrifty's gets their shipment of "Chocolate Malted Crunch" on Fridays...so we picked up a tub), and we watched our newest copy of "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" one of my favorite movies by far. a must see.

Saturday: Robert surfed, I worked out, etc. in the a.m., Then we went to the Orange circle for the annual International Street Fair! We didn't buy any of the food but we walked in a few antique stores and fell in love with things we didn't buy...including a dresser I'm still mildly bitter about.
After that we stopped by the Adams' to say 'allo' and toured our soon to be digs (and now I have it all planned out) after that we headed to our Alma-matter of Huntington Beach to enjoy free Daphne's (Thank you Red Cross) and to see the new "Transformers" at the cheap theatre. We hadn't seen it because everyone said it was retarded, but honestly and truly...I was thoroughly entertained.
Oh! and I can't forget visiting my favorite Golden Spoon - the only one I know that still won't rip you off....

Sunday: Pretty regular, went to church, ate leftovers and then we went on a long walk in the back bay (near the nature center) and it was a TON of fun...also picked out our future home :)

Monday: On Monday we got up pretty early to meet our Bro-in-law and a few nieces and nephews at his boat in Huntington and we took it out to Catalina! I have to admit, I was not prepared for the speed, wetness and anxiety that ensued as we left the harbor, but I'm glad I toughed through it, it was a good experience for my wussy self. Once we got to Catalina others snorkeled while I stayed in the boat (the water was WAY to choppy OK?!) but luckily I talked my bro-in-law to taking us to a nearby cove where I got in the water and swam to land (my stomach needed some calming...) it felt good to get out of my comfort zone, it needs to happen more often.
After more snorkeling, etc we headed back home and my face is now evidence of me facing the sun all the way home (sunglass sunburn line: check.).

So that was the weekend. I had to write it down so that I can remember it and this summer in general. After all, our Disneyland passes are good on the weekends again, Water parks are no longer open every day and I'm seriously considering my next coat purchase...this can all only mean one thing, FALL. And I've never been more ready.

24 August 2009

don't worry...

the reason I haven't been blogging on this blog is not because I've decided to keep everything from everyone...nor that I'm too lazy to document our awesome lives. It's simply because...not a whole lot has gone on. :/

Well i guess we got a new car again...yes, it is the better version of our late hotred...haven't named her yet (don't want to get attached?) but she's pretty much the mother of Nona (my beloved Corolla) same color, same company, just bigger and fancier. Fancier because she has a back up camer, GPS, IPOD cable and Sunroof. This is her, but just dark blue, not black.

I like it.

Well I guess we did also have friends visit, Jeris and Suzanna were down for about a week and we enjoyed eating out, staying up late, freezing on the beach, laughing when Jeris broke that surfboard and did I mention laughing - these two are halarious - with them...no pictures though :/. But I'm confident on Robert and I's combined with Mike and Carly's efforts...we could have the Hobbs in California by next summer :)

Also, our good friends Ryan and Madison got engaged!!! It was the most exciting text message I've ever received and I couldn't be MORE happier for them...their wedding date is November 6th! I love fall weddings!! (duh.) Congrats you guys!

And now what we have to look forward to? WE'RE MOVING!! Just to Tustin but we're going to miss our little Newport Beach 1st Ward (and I'm especially going to miss our lovely Young Women :( ) but we're ready to live in a bigger and cheaper apartment (hallelujah.), also to be close to friends and family, and also a shorter commute to the train every morning for Robert and also a place with less cops, drug attics and poop (phew, that was alot of "also's"). We move into Mormon Manor a.k.a. Woodcrest apts in Tustin on October 3rd (Pencil it in, we'll need your help!), keep your fingers crossed that we get the apt. next to Mike and Carly and not the one in the corner! Oh and best of all, there's a Trader Joes within walking distance!

What I'm especially looking forward to is Robert's 30th birthday...not sure on the details yet, it's not a surprise party or anything (right...like I could pull that off??) but I promise good food, good punch, good cake, good smells, cute decorations and handmade invitations are all in the future. Friday, December 18th! Once again, pencil it in! It's still 4 months away but I figure it's like planning a wedding...

I really like this garland...of course it won't be pink.

Other than that, our 1 year anniversary is slowly yet surely (and will be here before we know it once we move) approaching and I am slowly yet surely re-introducing the idea of a cruise (Mexico of course)! I hope it happens!

Ok, ok so I lied...alot has gone on.

22 July 2009

july, july

July is passing quite quickly I must say...here's how we've been loving it:
Went to my first Angels game and was thoroughly impressed with the dining options. 4th of July was a good one, our activities included but were not limited to: Ward breakfast (there were no pancakes, it was amazing), buying fireworks (as documented above), BBQ at Robert's parents house (which also included trimming bushes-as documented below), fireworks, friends, family...You get the idea. Robert looked like a child in this BYU hat from the 70s. We started off our mini-vacay last Thursday by going to the circus! The elephants were my favorite, so adorable.After the show.
The next day we headed to Palm Springs. This is the first picture I snapped on our trip, we were walking from a parking structure to a movie theatre (to see Harry Plopper of course) and within 30 seconds we wanted to die, it was SO hot. This is Robert trying to act like he's having a good time, but really just wants to go sit in the hotel room all day - and we did. We loved our hotel...it was smaller than what we had anticipated, but it was perfect. It was decorated in a modern-Spanish colonial style. This is the floor in the lobby area, I had to document it for my future patio and/or sundeck someday. This is the door to our room, isn't it just gorgeous? The details in this place were killing me. The floor in our bathroom - it was concrete with ceramic tiles laid into the ground, again it killed me. My favorite part of the whole bathroom, the toilet paper holder. Ok but really look at it, it was SO beautiful. I want one. Other than me obsessing over the architecture, etc. we did some night swimming - the only time of day it was sane to be outside for more than 10 minutes. did some laying out - if you can call it that at 10 at night. I just liked this one of Robert, NOT of me.Lost on the way to IHOP, dang one-way streets. The remnants of the BEST fried ice cream I've ever eaten, Robert thought I was crazy for "mmming and yummming" while we ate it. Guess it hit the spot. All in all, Palm Springs treated us very well. We were sad to see it go, but glad to be back in weather that is under 85 everyday. I love you Newport Beach, I really do.

Also, not documented (for obvious reasons) was Knott's Soak City, it was nice to be wet all day in that heat, even though as we left we were completely dry by the time we go to the car.

And the question we kept asking ourselves "WHY would anyone live here permanently?" We understand the Winter/Spring houses but honestly...those people are nuts.

13 July 2009

and now, moving on...

So the good news is I'm currently making my list (and checking it twice-only 5 months to Christmas, not too early) but this is a summer list. Make that a summer getaway list...yes, it's true we are going away this weekend to beautiful Palm Springs! Mostly, I needed an excuse to wear a bathing suit all day (a summer requirement at least once a week) and feel like I'm actually enjoying my first summer as a newlywed!

So here I sit, making my list and even though it's only two nights, I find myself with a horrendously long list...

Finally being able to go on vacation does require me to bring all my favorite articles of clothing. right?

But no, we will not be taking our lovable hotred on this excursion...she's very sick. Thanks to the loser behind us on PCH on Saturday as we drove home. Turns out plugging in your headset is just as dangerous (if not more so) as talking on your phone sans-headset.

But these busted-car blues(if you weren't counting that was twice in one month busted-car blues) are nothing some 110+ degree weather, Soak City, lots of swimming and exploring a new town and new restaurants can't handle right? RIGHT. don't call us, we'll be on our romantic getaway! finally!

02 July 2009

vroom vroom.

So after work today Robert and I went to look at a car...1 hour later we were driving it away from the parking lot, bought and sold! It's exciting really, it's a hatchback like I wanted, all power (unlike my car) and cherry RED, which I kinda randomly love suddenly.

Here it is our new (to us) 2006 Pontiac Vibe - well this isn't ours, just a photo I found on Google:
We like her. Hot red, hot tamale, Hotrod...these are all names we're considering.