13 July 2009

and now, moving on...

So the good news is I'm currently making my list (and checking it twice-only 5 months to Christmas, not too early) but this is a summer list. Make that a summer getaway list...yes, it's true we are going away this weekend to beautiful Palm Springs! Mostly, I needed an excuse to wear a bathing suit all day (a summer requirement at least once a week) and feel like I'm actually enjoying my first summer as a newlywed!

So here I sit, making my list and even though it's only two nights, I find myself with a horrendously long list...

Finally being able to go on vacation does require me to bring all my favorite articles of clothing. right?

But no, we will not be taking our lovable hotred on this excursion...she's very sick. Thanks to the loser behind us on PCH on Saturday as we drove home. Turns out plugging in your headset is just as dangerous (if not more so) as talking on your phone sans-headset.

But these busted-car blues(if you weren't counting that was twice in one month busted-car blues) are nothing some 110+ degree weather, Soak City, lots of swimming and exploring a new town and new restaurants can't handle right? RIGHT. don't call us, we'll be on our romantic getaway! finally!

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