14 February 2011

oh the belly...

I am officially growing...in more than one place, naturally. Isn't that always the number one complaint from pregnant ladies? Sorry I'm so cliche.

But it really is fun, now that my baby is almost the size of a cantaloupe! That's crazy folks.

I'll be 20 weeks on Wednesday (Half way! Can I get a "what-what"?), and now I feel officially able to purchase items for this little gal coming our way before we know it.

I so thought I'd be better about the weekly belly pics...but I'm just not, and that's ok.
I also didn't anticipate the whole can't bend over without the baby getting really angry at me thing happening so early, I can barely put socks on still.

Good news #1? She's been kicking up a storm! It makes me so happy. Last night she got me really good as I was reading, it made me jump a little, more of that to come I'm sure.
Good news #2? It's Valentine's day and I've been feeling SO good lately, so good in fact that I've been able to eat dinner both Saturday and Sunday without gagging...what this means for Valentine's is a wonderful Disney date with my Valentine and being able to truly enjoy our last kid-free Valentine's day!
I'm really happy today. Love my husband. Love my baby.
Life. Is. Good.

09 February 2011

and now that we know...

...that this nausea causing bubble, sometimes almost bowling ball like shape in my belly I love so dearly is a GIRL, things are suddenly moving along. It's nice that this piece of knowledge, that it suddenly starts moving so fast when you find out what you're having, is actually true. No offense to other pregnant ladies, we are all different, but I was really hoping to lose the nausea, etc. by at least 16 weeks. Alas, today I am 19 weeks, and still get the pukes occasionally.

But really? who cares? This little girl is ours and she will be forever. When I think about the relationship I have with my mom and that my sisters have with my mom, I start to cry (ok, ok, I'm hormonal, I know). But she is so special to me, I can't wait to meet her...like really, really can't wait. But then again I can...I keep having nightmares that I'm going into labor at 20 weeks (which in my dream is not the scary part) and I have NOTHING ready, seriously scary.