09 November 2011

halloween time

I made a Minnie Mouse dress for EmmaJane for Halloween, I was looking forward to this for a long time, one of the first things I said when I realized I'd have a baby this Halloween (when I was maybe 4 months prego) was "What is she going to be??" I also already have next year planned...having children is already so much fun! Can't wait for the rest!

04 November 2011


So I'm sitting in our car outside of a  restaurant after wolfing my food down because my baby was screaming tired/hungry and I ran out to nurse her.
While that was a little whiny of me, I have to say theres nothing better than being the one and only thing your baby wants at all times. This is life, and it's wonderful.
On that note, here are some pictures of late.
1. Rolling onto our side like a big girl.
2. Halloween day
3. Getting into the spirit
4. So fresh and clean after TWO baths (pooped in the first one)
5. Sleepy mornings.
6. Sneaky baby grabbing everything I put into the cart at target.
7. Sitting up so well waiting for food.

21 October 2011

Favorite phase.

I see now why so many people say ages 3-5 months are their favorite age. This munchkin is brightening our lives with each bulldog cheek look.

02 October 2011


We're currently on our first vacation with baby in utah. We're staying with our dear friends Jeris and Suzanna for now and will then be in a hotel while Robert's at a training for work.
So far we've: discovered a new trick of sticking our tongue out (emmajane that is), seen the fall leaves on the Alpine loop, eaten at Ruth's diner up in emigration canyon, seen lots of Williams that live in Utah, I met the rest of the Finnish Kirsi's and today we visited temple square during conference while catching up with friends aaron and krystal, who we haven't seen in so long.
Still on the agenda: thrift shopping at DI (my long lost love), eating at the lion house pantry, visiting temple square lots more, me shopping with my sis in law, and kissing emmajanes chunky cheeks lots more.
I know I could never live here, but so far utah has been great!

20 September 2011

Disneyland lovin.

(how can you not love this little chunk??)

Now that are passes are finally good again, (curse you SoCal Select) we've been taking advantage with our new bundle in tow!

Our first Disney visit as a family, had to get the "1st visit" pin for EmmaJane, she'll thank me later. (p.s. don't I look so first-time-mom greasey in this picture? cute.)

Listening to the RagTime piano with Dad, and loving it.

First carousel ride!

Family photo-op!

Sleeping on our way out with one fist in the mouth, and one ready for back-up.

love this girl.

27 August 2011

EmmaJane lately

...according to my camera phone.

14 August 2011

Miracles do happen.

Starting last week my awake every 2-3 hour during the night baby turned into a awake every  45 min - 1 hour baby. I was hopeless, confused and very emotionally sleep deprived.
Thursday I saw her doctor for vaccines and when I told her of this, that I had yet to see my 6 week old baby sleep any longer than 2.5-3 hours at a time, she hugged me out of horror...and for the bags under my eyes.
EmmaJane must have heard us because that night at 3am I woke up convinced something was very wrong. Why? Because it had been 5 hours since I put her down...without a peep.

And as a result I had this to wake up to, this picture shows her double chin better than her smile, but you get the idea.

I understand this post was very first time mom boring of me...but it really was that amazing, I promise.

08 August 2011

Blessin' the babe.

EmmaJane got blessed by her father on August 7th, 2011. It was bt far the best moment thus far in being her mother. When Robert took her from my arms and walked with her to the front of the chapel with a crowd of family and friends who we love, I was overcome with gratitude for the priesthood and these wonderful things Robert is able to do for our little miss. It was a very proud moment. Here are some pictures from the day!

02 August 2011


Somebaby stayed awake for 5 hours and now will only sleep snuggled up to her momma.
I can't decide if I love or loathe this more.

Just decided, love.

Just wish I could function on no sleep.

30 July 2011

First night out.

When I opened up my birthday present back in March and saw that Robert had purchased tickets to see Mary Poppins just 3 weeks after my due date I was both smitten that he was already planning date nights and already scared to leave my baby at such a young age.
Luckily EmmaJane was born a week early so the age part wasn't a huge factor in my nervous mind.
But we're happy to report both mother and child survived. 
And Mary Poppins is such a fun play to see. The "step in time" number actually had my full attention, thus it was my favorite, the rest was great but a certain baby had me slightly preoccupied. Its like everyone says you'll worry the whole time and I kinda believed them...but like I really did worry the whole time, not to mention the physical ache.

Nonetheless, All in all a successful evening.

27 July 2011

I figured it out...

This girl does not do well with swaddling, this is one of her favorite sleep positions.