02 October 2011


We're currently on our first vacation with baby in utah. We're staying with our dear friends Jeris and Suzanna for now and will then be in a hotel while Robert's at a training for work.
So far we've: discovered a new trick of sticking our tongue out (emmajane that is), seen the fall leaves on the Alpine loop, eaten at Ruth's diner up in emigration canyon, seen lots of Williams that live in Utah, I met the rest of the Finnish Kirsi's and today we visited temple square during conference while catching up with friends aaron and krystal, who we haven't seen in so long.
Still on the agenda: thrift shopping at DI (my long lost love), eating at the lion house pantry, visiting temple square lots more, me shopping with my sis in law, and kissing emmajanes chunky cheeks lots more.
I know I could never live here, but so far utah has been great!

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