16 August 2012


 Sometimes I think it's fun to look back at photos from one year ago today. Well today I did just that but I went back as far as I have been with Robert! We just celebrated our 4 year engagement anniversary (August 1st) and I'm about to celebrate 6 years since I moved to the OC (August 18th) so I guess I'm feeling a little sentimental! (P.S. There's no pictures of us in August of 2006 because back then it was just a big fat crush I had :) )
2007 - On our way to Disneyland I'm sure
2008 - just after getting engaged

2009 - Dodger game

2010 - OC fair

2011 - EmmaJane's first trip to Disneyland (also just 6 weeks post-partum, wow I'm so swollen)

2012 - phone pic taken during today's daily chasing routine, her favorite game