13 August 2010

OC fair

We ended up going to the fair sorta last minute, just the two of us, it was so fun...I always forget how much fun we have at anything when it's just the two of us!

baby chickies!

Robert's favorite was the big garden area

We paid $1 each to see this HUGE cow, and it was worth it, I was shocked. It looked at Robert and Robert literally ran out. Hilarious.

so cute.

Our indulgent treat of fried Australian Potatoes - a fair must from now on.

On the big high in the sky swing thing, we were so scared we couldn't stop laughing.

fried snickers was more like a breaded snickers. Don't recommend.
That was our fair experience, it made it really feel like summer. Besides the fact that it was about 65 degrees the whole time. Summer, please come out and play?

05 August 2010

know how.

circa summer 2008.

what is there to know?
all this is what it is
you and me alone
sheer simplicity