31 December 2008

A Birthday and Christmas with the Williams.

Robert opening up his birthday gift.
Lakers tickets! I'm a good wife.
Boston Creme Pie for the birthday boy...
we got to be Mary and Joseph at the Christmas pageant!
Oh Chwistmas twee...
Rach-b-natch. my neice.
Bella was reading me her new Christmas book...i loved every mis-pronounced word.
Livi taking good care of her cousin.
We've really been enjoying our new location on the bluff over Newport Bay and the cold weather...i can't believe it but i'm actually enjoying winter.

30 December 2008

a year in review.

2008 was GREAT, i can safely say it was the best year of my life so far...

-moved into 7312 Waterside Drive and discovered what is was to live in a real house

-started my current occupation at Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW), which has brought me many blessings-aka rescuing me from the retail world.
-Robert took me out for a nice Valentine's at the Harborside Restaurant in Newport Bay.
-I turned 23-eek. and spent the day with family at my niece's 6th birthday party

-also the fateful month i decided to run a half marathon.


-I ended my 5 year love affair with myspace. and was able to get selfish for once.


-I ran a half marathon! (an accomplishment that is far our of my reach these days :()

-I also "graduated" (happy to say that picture is actually valid now)


-I don't remember much from June besides being engulfed in Diet Mtn. Dew and seeing alot of these folks-who i do miss


-the 4th was fun riding around on bikes and taking naps

-and who can ever forget the best surprise ever (well until a week later) WICKED!!


-ENGAGER! (that was the one week later surprise of a lifetime)


-I started my last semester at CSULB

-We threw my sister her bridal shower


-I had my bridal shower

-My sister got married in Las Vegas on Halloween! such a great weekend!


-I recieved my endowments :)

-and the WEDDING!! and the most perfect one ever if i do say so myself, the weather was hot just like the summer wedding i always wanted but i was able to use the fall colors i love! when i was changing out of my wedding dress at the end of the night i got sad...i didn't want to the day to end!


-Robert turned 29! (secretly can't wait to plan his 30th birthday bash for next year!)

-our first Christmas and the returning of lots and lots of wedding gifts!


14 December 2008


No idea how to actually spell twitter-pated. but i am! We just got our pictures from the wedding back from Dre and holy canole I am so happy!! Here's one of my favs:Turns out i love weddings...not just mine.

05 December 2008

the man of my dreams.

it's amazing what marriage does. My mom made the comment a few days back that me and my sister both just look different since we got married. Like we're content and settled. and I owe this contentment to this guy:

this is a picture of Robert from my 22nd birthday, we had been together only a little over 2 months. Its fun to look back at that time and now really realize that he is officially forever mine. Back then it was just a "i know someday." but now it's i KNOW.

ok this post is way shmoopy. But i just love him. Happy almost 3 week-a-versary Roberto.

a few more for your enjoyment (or mine):

We were talking last night about us in high school, and if we had been in high school together if we would've liked each other. and we decided i would secretly like Robert because he was a good guy who didn't like any girls, therefore i would want him badly. But me, being the punk-rock princess i was would not openly like him but continue to date the losers i did. This made me realize how lucky i am to have gained the testimony i have to follow the straight and narrow so that Robert and i could be together. and now i can continue to grow into the woman he deserves. for this i am grateful.

01 December 2008


Ok here it goes, Maui Waui:
We got to our hotel just in time for the perfect Hawaiian sunset.
There were all sorts of birds and parrots and even African penguins just chillin everywhere.
Our first morning at the most delicious breakfast buffet ever.
Robert's first time in a Hawaiian ocean and it wasn't even that warm...or blue :/

YES even I went snorkling...and completed my Hawaii goal of seeing sea turtles! So many beautiful plants!

My first pizza buffet...and it was worth all 5 pounds.

Robert always raves about all the good food he ate in Brazil and Cane Juice was one of them so I def had to try it...again, totally worth it.
This is about 1 minute before Robert cut open his hand and toe...and yes he did trip because i had screamed and he was coming to rescue me :)

The Road to Hana.

The first of many stops to see a waterfall, it was so green and wet!
I was not the biggest fan of these signs.

i look angry, but he looks REALLY cute.
just drivin' by another beautiful waterfall...
Black Sand Beach!
Seven Sacred Pools!
Robert swimming for the waterfall in the pools.
Proof that i got in too.
Saying good-bye to the Hyatt...you were so good to us :(
We found another place to dip our feet on the way to the airport at the Iao State Park.
and it just happened to be absolutely gorgeous.

yes, I washed my hands in that sink.

finally, the saddest moment ever, waiting for our shuttle at the rental car place to take us to the airport and back to California...:(

all in all it was the PERFECT wedding and the PERFECT honeymoon...and now we're ready for the PERFECT Christmas!

26 November 2008

on being married.

it's tired in here.
and i thought waking up was hard before, now i have the most snuggly comfortable person right next to me every morning...the perfect excuse to not get of out bed.

I'm feeling sick today...and cold. so here is to unproductive work time:

1. How did you meet your spouse? First Sunday in Pierside ward...introduced by biz.

2. Where did you go on your first date? we ate dinner at chili's and went to Bella Terra to see "stranger than fiction" (2 years ago this friday!)

3. How long have you been together? 1 year 11 months.

4. Who eats more? no comment. ok ok, often it's me :/

5. Who said I love you first? he did! we fought about it for like a week before i finally pinned him down until he said it!

6. Who is taller? him, 6' vs. 5'6"

8. Who is smarter? oh him for sure.

9. Who does the laundry? so far i'm trying to...but he is very VERY helpful, so it's equal right now :)

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does, his surfboards are on that wall.

11. Who pays the bills? he does, except for my automatic bill pay.

12. Who mows the lawn? the groundskeeper in our apt. complex.

13. Who cooks dinner? i try to...he does alot too, and i think he's better than me.

14. Who drives when you are together? it's equal, we both hate driving. he'll drive if its raining, i HATE driving in the rain.

15. Who is more stubborn? me. grrrrrrrrrrrr..........

16. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? ummm i'd like to say this is equal, but he probably is.

17. Whose parents do you see the most? his they live close, although my mom does like to make the trek down here pretty often.

18. Who kissed who first? I KISSED HIM! booya.

19. Who proposed first? He did!

20. Who is more sensitive? me for sure.

21. Who has more friends? him for sure. not only did i get 11 new brothers and sisters...but there's about 10 pseudo-brothers on top of that. love it.

22. Who has more siblings? him. 11 vs. 4.

23. Who wears the pants in the family? well he wears pants more often. so i'd say him. and thats the way i like it :)

07 November 2008


what boggles my mind is someone searching the internet for peoples blogs on prop 8 just to say very hurtful and angry things in their comment box. Really? How grown up is that? Everyone is entitled to their rights. I'm so over-saturated with this prop 8 stuff...I just want to live my life as a practicing LDS wife to be.

so yes, I am really glad prop 8 passed. and I'm not sorry.

p.s. this entry is in reaction to a comment some anonymous person posted on my entry in celebration of prop 8...it hurt, they reached into my personal life and tried to attack it. But no one is going to take me away from how much i love him and this gospel.

17 October 2008

28 days.

Crunch time. No literally. I'm trying to slim down a bit so I don't have to sneak out of the hotel room every morning in Maui to go run in their gym...I'm going to be on vacation, plus I don't think Rob will allow this.

thoughts of late: I was thinking this morning how being engaged to Robert is amazing. Then I also started thinking how the only real different feeling is that there is actually a date and end in sight of our single life. Then that made me realize that being with Robert for these past almost 2 years is alot like one big engagement time, just that for most of it I refrained from talking/thinking about it because it would just drive me crazy wanting it so bad. So all in all being engaged changes a few things, but it wasn't like a huge shocker that I was getting married because I have known that for the past almost 2 years. More just like, yes this is the right time for this now...I guess that's a sign. mint 2 Bee.

I got my petticoat in the mail yesterday, finally, then I realized in came from Hong Kong. I think that is so cool.

Our apartment=boxes everywhere. My bedroom=wedding stuff and clothes everywhere. My life=haven't done homework in a week. life is good.

01 October 2008

53 days.

I was going to wait the 53 days until we are officially husband and wife to use this blog, but Roberts away on business the next few days, and I am getting more and more pathetic.
First is my fear that something awful will happen to him now that he is so far from me being able to protect him, as if I could.
Second is the overwhelming aching my arms and legs feel everytime I think of holding him, knowing it just isn't going to happen today.
2 more days...Then the nostalgia sets in. I walked across to get some lunch today and passed the movie theatre, the smell of popcorn will forever remind me of date nights with Robert, which are seriously the best memories of my entire life.
There's also the undying need to live August 1st over and over and over again. This is the day we got engaged. we went for a hike to the golden gate bridge, we ate an amazing lunch. He popped the question and I cried for 3 hours. we ate ice cream and walked around the most beautiful city...seriously it was the most perfect day.
So one more semester at school that will fly by as my time is consumed with wedding details and I've already mapped out all my weekends dedicated to different projects.After this, I wish for time to be crystal clear, I'll be able to work and leave my work AT WORK and spend the rest of my time nuturing, caring and loving Robert.This is what i want. I cannot believe that this is what i have.
side note: birth control is the worst thing ever.

p.s. that top picture is of me doing the dishes when rob and i had only been dating like a month and i made him dinner for one of the first times. i like to think thats when he knew.