17 October 2008

28 days.

Crunch time. No literally. I'm trying to slim down a bit so I don't have to sneak out of the hotel room every morning in Maui to go run in their gym...I'm going to be on vacation, plus I don't think Rob will allow this.

thoughts of late: I was thinking this morning how being engaged to Robert is amazing. Then I also started thinking how the only real different feeling is that there is actually a date and end in sight of our single life. Then that made me realize that being with Robert for these past almost 2 years is alot like one big engagement time, just that for most of it I refrained from talking/thinking about it because it would just drive me crazy wanting it so bad. So all in all being engaged changes a few things, but it wasn't like a huge shocker that I was getting married because I have known that for the past almost 2 years. More just like, yes this is the right time for this now...I guess that's a sign. mint 2 Bee.

I got my petticoat in the mail yesterday, finally, then I realized in came from Hong Kong. I think that is so cool.

Our apartment=boxes everywhere. My bedroom=wedding stuff and clothes everywhere. My life=haven't done homework in a week. life is good.


andreafilio said...

wooo hooo!!!!

kentandnellie said...

Got your invitation the other day and it's adorable. I'm so excited for you and Rob. Being engaged is fun, but being married is even better. You might feel like you're playing house for awhile-it's so unreal. Hope you're doing well!