24 February 2010


I most likely will be chopping some - a decent some - of this hair this weekend due to a year of self haircuts leading to an alarming amount of uneven and fried to a crisp (quite literally) ends. So I thought I'd document. Can you see where the hair just gives up at the bottom and lies flat? Thats quite the opposite of a natural reaction from my hair friends.

Also recolored the red last night, because why not keep it for a while longer, considering I may never go back right?

Opinions? I find myself yearning for the blonde in the previous posts...it will come back though, right??!

23 February 2010

once a month.

So I guess it's a new thing, I only post once a month? Well guess so.

In January we went down to San Juan Capistrano, this was a big deal to me because ever since Robert went down there when he first started his job (2+ years ago) he told me all about it, brought me back pamphlets and told me he'd take me there someday and he knew I would fall in love with it. So 2 years later...we made it.
we "donated" the $2 to the SJC Historical Society to tour the rickety old beautiful O'Neill house (as in O'Neill park, etc. etc.).
I love orange trees in front yards, def a requirement.
(this sign is really incriminating and makes it look like we went on Sunday . . . I promise we didn't.)
We didn't go into the mission...it was like $10! That's rich in our book...
After a stop at the new Lake Forest Cafe Rio (much to Robert's dismay - he is a loyal Costa Vida fan - but I'm still dreaming of that salad...) we stopped at Dana Point to check out the bay, I'd never been and was very, very impressed, Orange County has yet to cease to amaze me.
Also in January we had a Monday off (MLK Day) so we went to Disneyland because it was pouring rain. To Robert a rainy day = a disney day.
This is me, already soaked just from walking from our car in Downtown Disney to the Monorail in Downtown Disney (about a 5 minute walk), a bad sign (oh and I dyed my hair red - it's super bright here I promise it's calmed down).
The park was EMPTY and it stopped raining after a while, it was seriously heaven. But isn't it always? This night was not as rainy or empty, so we rode the teacups, not something I can tolerate very often... (oh and I told you my hair calmed down).and I was put in my place...they were crrraazzyyy fun.
Now that February is almost over we're just going to act like it never happened so I can again be on top of my blogging. Am I right or am I right? right. right.