19 March 2012

happy shining babies.

Oh my dear EmmaJane where do I even begin?Now as a disclaimer, I really do have THE happiest baby in the world I'm pretty sure. The only time she is upset is times like this because this is the face she makes if you put ANYTHING in her mouth that is food that is not pureed. The girl is 8 months old (almost 9) and is no where near eating table food, picky picky picky.
On Saturday after my birthday we went to Irvine Park to hike around and ended up at their little zoo, aren't my two babies just so cute with the crazy goats in the background?
And this is our first all family smiling picture! yay for us!
I had a birthday...I turned 27! That's 3 years away from 30 folks...THREE.
enjoying a rainy day fire.
on the attack.
overhead shot from her 8 month photo shoot. I just can't get enough of that little bum!
This is kinda old from her 7 month photos, but she is so darling.

EmmaJane is getting closer and closer to crawling as days go by, including officially sleeping on her stomach always!
While she is getting so big, when I hold her in my lap and look down at her cute little back and flapping little happy arms, I realize she is still so small! And so I am enjoying remembering that and having one little baby at this wonderful time in my life that I can devote all of my attention to!

As far as the rest of life goes, I'm getting a hang on this whole stay at home mom thing, and it's getting easier! I now find joy in organized refrigerators, long naps (and happy babies), and good sales on children's clothing. and I love it, I really do.

I've already stocked up on bathing suits and pool floaties so we are all ready for the summer! and judging by EmmaJane's splashing and happy face in the bath, she's ready for warmer weather and the pool too!