30 April 2009

something that made me giggle a little.

This morning I was in the gym in our complex, and therefore unavoidably watching CNBC and them talk about the 'Swine' as well as Chrysler going under...finally President Obama gets up to talk and this part of his speech made me giggle a little...

"For too long," Obama said at the White House, "Chrysler moved too slowly to adapt to the future, designing and building cars that were less popular, less reliable and less fuel efficient than foreign competitors."

...because it's like DUH. Does this bankruptcy really come as a surprise to anyone my age? Sure it's an American legend, but the cars are hideous and not practical whatsoever...they make the PT Cruiser for goodness sakes! This was bound to happen in this economy.

See...I watch the news.

28 April 2009

All Simonsens are married!

SERIOUSLY, my husband is so amazingly handsome. scruff and all.
This past Sunday, April 26th, marked the end of the weddings in our family (well, until the little ones grow up and get married...but we're not talking about that.)
Trevor and Daniaelle got married at the Fullerton Arboretum, it was SUCH a beautiful place to tie the knot, I reccomend it. They asked me to be their 'pseudo-wedding-planner' and I was thrilled!
The day was a little crazy, the only time I sat down for more than 2 minutes was during the ceremony. But I was thrilled to help, and I only needed one full day to recooperate.
putting flowers on the cake - the cake showed up 2 hours late, I felt like I was on a TV show.
Sneak peak of the bride and her maids(aka sisters) before the ceremony, I seriously love her family, they all seem very close like ours.Mike and Bethany waiting for the ceremony to begin...There always to be something precious about Olivia...this time it was her silhouette.Walking back as husband and wife (isn't the arbor so pretty??)

I had to add this blurry picture. Instead of dancing, etc they had a basket full of 'lawn games', and this is Nadia running around with a bubble-making-gun singing "Bu-bbles, buuu---bbblessss..." just after this picture I went to touch her head to give her a 'love pat' and my hand was covered in bubble liquid goo. I think she really enjoyed them.

21 April 2009

babies babies everywhere...

So I have two new nieces...
First is Kirsi, she's just over 2 months old but I just met her so she's still new to me, I can't wait for her to come visit us!On the day of her blessing, something about babies in all white that makes me melt.
And then there is my pseudo-niece Evie (pseudo because she's the daughter of Robert's life long friend Josh and they're practically brothers), she's not even a week old yet but I think I love her already, so glad she's finally here Kristen!
I stole this photo from Michelle, but I felt ok about it since that's my yellow sweater(of course) holding that little angel.
And for the record I know 4 other people who are pregnant. babies. they're everywhere.

18 April 2009


it was nice. it took a while to find parking, we were starved.
Happy first really, really beautiful warm weathered day of Spring everyone.

14 April 2009


excited to go home so i can start recreating this out of my old bookcase my mom delivered to our apartment 2 months ago...

that's right. the thank you cards might have to wait, yet again.

Now if i only had a Tiffany Blue couch like that...

07 April 2009

taggity tag tag.

the tag: self-portrait now. don't change your clothes, don't do your make-up, just take the picture.

I miss my freckles.

I tag: Natalie Fenn, Kim Mays, Sara Doud annnnd Melanie Clarke.


Robert and I are headed up to Utah on Friday (leaving at 4am, agh.) for our new niece's blessing! I cannot wait to meet baby Kirsi...or maybe mostly see Brent and Linnae as baby momma's and poppa's, this ones been a long time coming and I'm SO happy for them!

anyways, onto more important things, I've kinda fallen in love with these shorts from Shade clothing:

1. because I need knee length shorts 2. they're grey and 3. well i need knee length shorts

My question to my fellow momo ladies is, does anyone have any experience with shade clothing's shorts/pants? are they worth the $36.50? I'm thinkin of stopping by their store in Orem and want to know if it's worth bugging my husband to go there.

thanks lovelies.

02 April 2009

a wedding.

I never blogged about my sister's wedding and now that i'm back in the wedding spirit with my brother's wedding coming up in a few weeks I felt the need to share...
My sister got married on Halloween in Vegas, yes just 2 weeks before my own wedding date...but that's a story for another time.
Anyways my sister's wedding was more traditional than mine in so many ways, which is not what you would think by looking at us

I don't know why we're laughing, but I absolutely love this picture. (p.s. this was 5 days before entering the temple, last day in a sleeveless top! woo!)

The weather was beautiful that weekend and we enjoyed plenty of "girl time" in the hotel room before the ceremony getting everyone ready! But i couldn't believe how calm my sister was, she was just like whatever that looks good, let's just do this. But then 2 weeks later...I was calm too, almost too calm. I think we both were suffering from "I've been waiting too long for this to be nervous, I am beyond ready."

The ceremony was short and sweet and we had a blast afterwards at the steak house inside of the Treasure Island Hotel (also where we stayed)...

anyways it was a wonderful weekend, here are some more picturesthe bride and her bridesmaids(aka sisters), i loved loved loved the bouquets.Grammy (mother of the bride) and flower girl 4 out of 5. Robert and I after the ceremony, it was so exciting to realize this was our last trip as just boyfriend and girlfriend! Look at his hair! such a handsome little man. (p.s. why does it look like i'm gripping onto my flowers for dear life?)