28 April 2009

All Simonsens are married!

SERIOUSLY, my husband is so amazingly handsome. scruff and all.
This past Sunday, April 26th, marked the end of the weddings in our family (well, until the little ones grow up and get married...but we're not talking about that.)
Trevor and Daniaelle got married at the Fullerton Arboretum, it was SUCH a beautiful place to tie the knot, I reccomend it. They asked me to be their 'pseudo-wedding-planner' and I was thrilled!
The day was a little crazy, the only time I sat down for more than 2 minutes was during the ceremony. But I was thrilled to help, and I only needed one full day to recooperate.
putting flowers on the cake - the cake showed up 2 hours late, I felt like I was on a TV show.
Sneak peak of the bride and her maids(aka sisters) before the ceremony, I seriously love her family, they all seem very close like ours.Mike and Bethany waiting for the ceremony to begin...There always to be something precious about Olivia...this time it was her silhouette.Walking back as husband and wife (isn't the arbor so pretty??)

I had to add this blurry picture. Instead of dancing, etc they had a basket full of 'lawn games', and this is Nadia running around with a bubble-making-gun singing "Bu-bbles, buuu---bbblessss..." just after this picture I went to touch her head to give her a 'love pat' and my hand was covered in bubble liquid goo. I think she really enjoyed them.


bethanyr32 said...

that is crazy. I don't think it had hit yet that you're all married.

Mega said...

awww!! SO cute! i'm happy for trevor!