07 April 2009


Robert and I are headed up to Utah on Friday (leaving at 4am, agh.) for our new niece's blessing! I cannot wait to meet baby Kirsi...or maybe mostly see Brent and Linnae as baby momma's and poppa's, this ones been a long time coming and I'm SO happy for them!

anyways, onto more important things, I've kinda fallen in love with these shorts from Shade clothing:

1. because I need knee length shorts 2. they're grey and 3. well i need knee length shorts

My question to my fellow momo ladies is, does anyone have any experience with shade clothing's shorts/pants? are they worth the $36.50? I'm thinkin of stopping by their store in Orem and want to know if it's worth bugging my husband to go there.

thanks lovelies.


Anonymous said...

The shorts are really cute on, but are fitted through the leg and run small. Their shorts are 20% off right now, so it might be worth it to stop and take a look.

Kimberly said...

I don't have any experience with Shade, but I want to know how it goes (they just put one here in our mall). I would say, though, that a well-fitting pair of knee shorts are worth $40 for sure. I have a pair I sort of like but wish I loved more and I would pay more for them. Good luck and let us know!