02 April 2009

a wedding.

I never blogged about my sister's wedding and now that i'm back in the wedding spirit with my brother's wedding coming up in a few weeks I felt the need to share...
My sister got married on Halloween in Vegas, yes just 2 weeks before my own wedding date...but that's a story for another time.
Anyways my sister's wedding was more traditional than mine in so many ways, which is not what you would think by looking at us

I don't know why we're laughing, but I absolutely love this picture. (p.s. this was 5 days before entering the temple, last day in a sleeveless top! woo!)

The weather was beautiful that weekend and we enjoyed plenty of "girl time" in the hotel room before the ceremony getting everyone ready! But i couldn't believe how calm my sister was, she was just like whatever that looks good, let's just do this. But then 2 weeks later...I was calm too, almost too calm. I think we both were suffering from "I've been waiting too long for this to be nervous, I am beyond ready."

The ceremony was short and sweet and we had a blast afterwards at the steak house inside of the Treasure Island Hotel (also where we stayed)...

anyways it was a wonderful weekend, here are some more picturesthe bride and her bridesmaids(aka sisters), i loved loved loved the bouquets.Grammy (mother of the bride) and flower girl 4 out of 5. Robert and I after the ceremony, it was so exciting to realize this was our last trip as just boyfriend and girlfriend! Look at his hair! such a handsome little man. (p.s. why does it look like i'm gripping onto my flowers for dear life?)


Melanie and Jared said...

i love how you talk about "roberto" its so cute! being married is way better than just boyfriend girlfriend! its boyfriend girlfriend all day everyday for eternity

Kimberly said...

Looks like you had a great time. Does Robert care that you call him a handsome "little man"? Josh would get offended. Of course, you know how he feels about his stature and strength. What a funny little man. (I can say that because he probably won't ever find out...) And another wedding coming up. How fun!