14 October 2010

October? You MUST be joking.

So it's October. But I'm using the excuse that it's still almost 80 degrees everyday as to why time has slipped away from me as of late. Remember the days I felt the need to express myself internet-ly just about everyday? Gone they are my friend, but I really want these memories so I'm trying.

So here's a bunch of mumbo jumbo (in NO particular order):

August 2010 - we went camping! Just down in O'Neil Park (between Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita). We went with Brent, Linnae and Kirsi, it was so fun!

October 2010 - with family in town we picnic'd at the park and then headed down to the Shaw's Cove tidepools. I hadn't been there all summer which is so sad because I love this place and it's so close!

September 2010 - We've had a few lovely Autumn nights like this at Disneyland.

July 2010 - Paris. I wish I could relive this moment a few million times a day.

July 2010 - Paris again (hey pictures in order, woo!). Jardin du Luxembourg this time. sigh.

October 2010 - same night as tide pools. This is my husband jumping into the water as I watch from a distance, a sure to be trend in our marriage if we ever get our beach house. ;)

September 2010 - Robert's progress back then on creating my dream patio (not kidding I've always wanted a grassy/brick patio and/or driveway, who knew I'd get it so soon?) You should see it now! I have one amazing husband.
August 2010 - I went to visit the P family in Fresno! Here's B looking cute at the water park.
Momma, me and seester J looking super cute after a wet and relaxing day. Water parks are always the highlight of my summers.

It was a long and hot day and N didn't stop the whole time, until now.

Don't you love that B took time to smile but is still watching the TV?

August 2010 - We went to a few angel's games this year! Here's us (don't mind all my chins) and the Adams our good friends/neighbors.

July 2010 - Little N turned 3! That is just crazy.

September 2010 - Momma got one of those "give a day, get a day" tickets for Disneyland before they were gone so we were excited when September finally came (the month we planned to go) so we could go use it! We rode the carousel twice...and I think she wanted to do it more.

On the tram and so excited! It was seriously one of our best monthly dates to date! Love you mom!

08 October 2010

A train is not the place...

...to have personal phone conversations about how you broke the news of your divorce to your 4 year old son. oh and she just called her girlfriend to talk about what they'll wear "out" tomorrow. oh my heart is aching...