16 June 2010

Fenn Photography

Hey Utah friends!
My dear friends Natalie + David (as seen above)
of Fenn Photography are having a giveaway!
Check out their website for details
I mean look at their pup, how could you not want to enter their giveaway?!

11 June 2010

on steroids.

Do you ever log onto like WebMD and see these awful pictures of skin disorders as you're trying to diagnose a little itchy patch or something on your arm? And you find yourself saying, "Well that kinda looks like it, but I'm not that bad." Well...I wish I could say that.

NOTE: Don't try to save yourself money by shopping for lotion at the Dollar Tree.

This picture only shows about HALF of what's going on on my legs (just the lower half - thank goodness), oh and it's all over my elbows and creeping up my arms.

Blogs are like journals right? I wanted to document my first experience with hives.

The Friday before Memorial Day we got kicked out of work around 1pm and so we made a Disney Daytime Day out of it. I always forget how fun it is during the day!

We rode the canoes! and the best part was the little girl in front of me that was splashing me the whole time.

Squinty eyed Big Thunder Mtn. picture.

And just because I love our neighbors and their babies, here is Roberto with little P, isn't he adorable?!