15 November 2012

cue sappy post about our anniversary.

Newlyweds! we.were.babies.
I have to say, this anniversary has meant more than any of our others, and I hope to feel that way every year.
4 years ago today I became Mrs. Robert Williams. All week I've been reflecting back on that time, I love to think a few days before our anniversary "Ok, this day 4 years ago I was scrambling around because my fake tan was blochy" etc. It helps me get in the mood to celebrate, and let's be honest, I live for remembering good times.

I loved our wedding, it was the summer wedding I always wanted (90 degrees that day) in November. I'll never forget the first time Robert saw me in my wedding dress, I'll never forget all the love I felt that day in the sealing room and most of all I'll never forget how lucky I felt to become his forever. It's amazing how blessed I am.

To say I had no idea how happy I could be with this man is so cliche, but so true. Little did I know my decision to go to Long Beach State would lead to me meeting the man of my dreams and 4 years after that 2 little blue lines on a test in the wee hours of the morning telling us our little EmmaJane was on her way to be with us. And that it is up to us and our love to raise her to be happy.

One little crush on a guy my roommate introduced me to on my first Sunday in Huntington Beach led to all that. I love you Roberto, I always have.

02 November 2012


EmmaJane was Little Red Riding hood for Halloween and she loved wearing her costume, lots of fun was had.    
Trick-or-treating on Halloween night, she really started understanding the concept and LOVED it!
Ready for the ward trunk-or-treat with a wild child.

Grammy came all the way down just to see little red all dressed up!

Loving on one of her girlfriends little L, she is also our neighbor and these girls are SO sweet together!

We made it to a pumpkin patch for a photo-op, it was about 90 degrees out - just a typical fall day in So. CA.

She was in the best mood, very different from last year!