28 December 2009

ho ho ho.

Christmas is over :( The short vacay went by fast, and now Robert and I are both home this evening with stomach aches. No, not from too much egg nog (though I thought that was the cause last night after consuming 3 glasses of the artery-clogging holiday beverage.)...we're pretty sure we got some form of the flu that's been going around.
Anyways, here's how Christmas went for us
Robert was a wise man in the pageant. Spent lots of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Rach-b-nach, my soon to be Hawaii Livin' niece. :(
The Adams' joined us for Christmas Eve, it was nice since we love them all like family :)

Robert amongst the loot post-opening presents. Completely forgot to take pictures during all the excitement!

Visiting with Momma...

Outside our front door on Christmas morning, Hope all your Christmases were just swell!

I'm married to a 30 year old.

Robert turned 30 on the 18th of December, it was pretty darn exciting. I had been planning his party for a while so it was exciting that it was finally here!
The party was on the 19th, so on the 18th we got a chance to spend some time together, of course we went to Disneyland to get his free monies!
After grabbing the mula we went to get some dinner at the Storyteller's Cafe, mucho delicioso.
Then the party on Saturday. One of my requirements for me to throw this party was for me not to stress out...this was Robert's request, and I think I did pretty darn good!

Happy Birthday Babes.

22 December 2009

thank goodness for Christmas baking...

Last Saturday I was preparing a cake for Robert's birthday and my hand mixer broke. Robert bought me that hand mixer our first Christmas together...I was sad to see it go. And immediately panic-y when I thought of all the Christmas goodies I had yet to bake! How was I going to do it without my faithful little mixer buddy?

But my sentiments towards the broken mixer were soon turned around when I suggested we should just go use our Williams-Sonoma money from our wedding (I had been hanging onto it because who can justify spending $60 on a cookie sheet??) and just buy a KitchenAid already. You can imagine my shock and amazement when Robert said, "Ok! Get it!"

So as of last night I am the proud owner of this little beauty...

I'll admit, it was a tough decision between Buttercup Yellow and Lemongrass Green. But yellow has been good to me thus far...

Anyways, I will hopefully blog soon on Robert turning THIRTY and Christmas around the corner! But for now...

Merry Christmas Everyone!