28 December 2009

I'm married to a 30 year old.

Robert turned 30 on the 18th of December, it was pretty darn exciting. I had been planning his party for a while so it was exciting that it was finally here!
The party was on the 19th, so on the 18th we got a chance to spend some time together, of course we went to Disneyland to get his free monies!
After grabbing the mula we went to get some dinner at the Storyteller's Cafe, mucho delicioso.
Then the party on Saturday. One of my requirements for me to throw this party was for me not to stress out...this was Robert's request, and I think I did pretty darn good!

Happy Birthday Babes.

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Mike and Carly said...

Happy birthday roberto. Glad that I made the corner of that one picture and glad that I am looking so great. I really love your plates on the wall. Like reallly really really love them. Oh and I like rob's new sweater. Oh and the food was delicious. I probably have more things to say about that night but i'll leave it at that.