28 December 2009

ho ho ho.

Christmas is over :( The short vacay went by fast, and now Robert and I are both home this evening with stomach aches. No, not from too much egg nog (though I thought that was the cause last night after consuming 3 glasses of the artery-clogging holiday beverage.)...we're pretty sure we got some form of the flu that's been going around.
Anyways, here's how Christmas went for us
Robert was a wise man in the pageant. Spent lots of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Rach-b-nach, my soon to be Hawaii Livin' niece. :(
The Adams' joined us for Christmas Eve, it was nice since we love them all like family :)

Robert amongst the loot post-opening presents. Completely forgot to take pictures during all the excitement!

Visiting with Momma...

Outside our front door on Christmas morning, Hope all your Christmases were just swell!

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Mike and Carly said...

Wow we look super great in that picture... remember how grumpy Avery was? But thanks for inviting us, xmas eve just wouldnt be the same without a live nativity.