01 October 2008

53 days.

I was going to wait the 53 days until we are officially husband and wife to use this blog, but Roberts away on business the next few days, and I am getting more and more pathetic.
First is my fear that something awful will happen to him now that he is so far from me being able to protect him, as if I could.
Second is the overwhelming aching my arms and legs feel everytime I think of holding him, knowing it just isn't going to happen today.
2 more days...Then the nostalgia sets in. I walked across to get some lunch today and passed the movie theatre, the smell of popcorn will forever remind me of date nights with Robert, which are seriously the best memories of my entire life.
There's also the undying need to live August 1st over and over and over again. This is the day we got engaged. we went for a hike to the golden gate bridge, we ate an amazing lunch. He popped the question and I cried for 3 hours. we ate ice cream and walked around the most beautiful city...seriously it was the most perfect day.
So one more semester at school that will fly by as my time is consumed with wedding details and I've already mapped out all my weekends dedicated to different projects.After this, I wish for time to be crystal clear, I'll be able to work and leave my work AT WORK and spend the rest of my time nuturing, caring and loving Robert.This is what i want. I cannot believe that this is what i have.
side note: birth control is the worst thing ever.

p.s. that top picture is of me doing the dishes when rob and i had only been dating like a month and i made him dinner for one of the first times. i like to think thats when he knew.

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