01 December 2008


Ok here it goes, Maui Waui:
We got to our hotel just in time for the perfect Hawaiian sunset.
There were all sorts of birds and parrots and even African penguins just chillin everywhere.
Our first morning at the most delicious breakfast buffet ever.
Robert's first time in a Hawaiian ocean and it wasn't even that warm...or blue :/

YES even I went snorkling...and completed my Hawaii goal of seeing sea turtles! So many beautiful plants!

My first pizza buffet...and it was worth all 5 pounds.

Robert always raves about all the good food he ate in Brazil and Cane Juice was one of them so I def had to try it...again, totally worth it.
This is about 1 minute before Robert cut open his hand and toe...and yes he did trip because i had screamed and he was coming to rescue me :)

The Road to Hana.

The first of many stops to see a waterfall, it was so green and wet!
I was not the biggest fan of these signs.

i look angry, but he looks REALLY cute.
just drivin' by another beautiful waterfall...
Black Sand Beach!
Seven Sacred Pools!
Robert swimming for the waterfall in the pools.
Proof that i got in too.
Saying good-bye to the Hyatt...you were so good to us :(
We found another place to dip our feet on the way to the airport at the Iao State Park.
and it just happened to be absolutely gorgeous.

yes, I washed my hands in that sink.

finally, the saddest moment ever, waiting for our shuttle at the rental car place to take us to the airport and back to California...:(

all in all it was the PERFECT wedding and the PERFECT honeymoon...and now we're ready for the PERFECT Christmas!


Kimberly said...

Hard to pick a favorite, but I'm going with the one of your feet. That could be a postcard!

rantipoler said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I'm glad you liked the cane juice. It was one of my faves in Brazil, too.

kentandnellie said...

ahh...Maui looks wonderful. Kent and I will go back to Hawaii one of these days. I'm glad you guys had a good time. I think honeymoons are the best things ever!

Kristyn said...

Hey! I love your pictures! Maui honeymoons are the best!
I'm sorry I didn't make it to your reception, I was trying to come but Jackson had other plans. I want to see more pictures. I love your profile picture on facebook. You look so beautiful, and so happy!