30 December 2008

a year in review.

2008 was GREAT, i can safely say it was the best year of my life so far...

-moved into 7312 Waterside Drive and discovered what is was to live in a real house

-started my current occupation at Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW), which has brought me many blessings-aka rescuing me from the retail world.
-Robert took me out for a nice Valentine's at the Harborside Restaurant in Newport Bay.
-I turned 23-eek. and spent the day with family at my niece's 6th birthday party

-also the fateful month i decided to run a half marathon.


-I ended my 5 year love affair with myspace. and was able to get selfish for once.


-I ran a half marathon! (an accomplishment that is far our of my reach these days :()

-I also "graduated" (happy to say that picture is actually valid now)


-I don't remember much from June besides being engulfed in Diet Mtn. Dew and seeing alot of these folks-who i do miss


-the 4th was fun riding around on bikes and taking naps

-and who can ever forget the best surprise ever (well until a week later) WICKED!!


-ENGAGER! (that was the one week later surprise of a lifetime)


-I started my last semester at CSULB

-We threw my sister her bridal shower


-I had my bridal shower

-My sister got married in Las Vegas on Halloween! such a great weekend!


-I recieved my endowments :)

-and the WEDDING!! and the most perfect one ever if i do say so myself, the weather was hot just like the summer wedding i always wanted but i was able to use the fall colors i love! when i was changing out of my wedding dress at the end of the night i got sad...i didn't want to the day to end!


-Robert turned 29! (secretly can't wait to plan his 30th birthday bash for next year!)

-our first Christmas and the returning of lots and lots of wedding gifts!


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kentandnellie said...

2008 was great for you. Congratulations on everything!