30 July 2011

First night out.

When I opened up my birthday present back in March and saw that Robert had purchased tickets to see Mary Poppins just 3 weeks after my due date I was both smitten that he was already planning date nights and already scared to leave my baby at such a young age.
Luckily EmmaJane was born a week early so the age part wasn't a huge factor in my nervous mind.
But we're happy to report both mother and child survived. 
And Mary Poppins is such a fun play to see. The "step in time" number actually had my full attention, thus it was my favorite, the rest was great but a certain baby had me slightly preoccupied. Its like everyone says you'll worry the whole time and I kinda believed them...but like I really did worry the whole time, not to mention the physical ache.

Nonetheless, All in all a successful evening.

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