27 July 2011

Honey dew

So get this, EmmaJane is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow. That means the main task I will have for myself tomorrow will be coming up with some cute way to start taking her monthly portraits. I feel like a giddy silly mom when I think of things like this and what she'll be for halloween (eeeeee!!!!).
Though I'm still preoccupied with trying to get into a routine and squeezing in naps at any and all points of the day, having a baby girl is so much fun.
Did I mention shes smiled at me a few times now, while AWAKE. Yes, I teared up, I mean it was the first reassurance that this little chubby baby that I love so stinkin much and am so sleep deprived for actually loves me back. Amazing feeling.

Also I haven't figured out how to add photos on the blogger app, so sorry this post is a little boring.
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Melanie and Jared said...

I remember feeling like Sasha was taking advantage of me when she was 3 weeks old. She just used me for food and it was getting old, and then she smiled at me in the nick of time and I decided she could keep using me. EmmaJane is so cute! Congrats!