09 September 2009

3.5 day weekend.

This weekend was one of those weekends that I'm sure I will look back on when I have 5 little-tykes running around (5 or 7, not 4 or 6, I hate even number kids - which one is supposed to be the rebel middle child?) I will say "Seriously, how did we ever do that?"
I didn't take a single picture...but sometimes I think life is better sans-film and pure-memories.

It started out on Friday: Robert got home earlyish and we lazied around for hours together (a real treat) and then finally picked up a Pizza-Hut not stuffed crust but cheesy nonetheless pizza (not recommended) and headed to a park full of ducks! I loved them, until they started chasing me - not joking.
After we got some ice cream (Thrifty's gets their shipment of "Chocolate Malted Crunch" on Fridays...so we picked up a tub), and we watched our newest copy of "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" one of my favorite movies by far. a must see.

Saturday: Robert surfed, I worked out, etc. in the a.m., Then we went to the Orange circle for the annual International Street Fair! We didn't buy any of the food but we walked in a few antique stores and fell in love with things we didn't buy...including a dresser I'm still mildly bitter about.
After that we stopped by the Adams' to say 'allo' and toured our soon to be digs (and now I have it all planned out) after that we headed to our Alma-matter of Huntington Beach to enjoy free Daphne's (Thank you Red Cross) and to see the new "Transformers" at the cheap theatre. We hadn't seen it because everyone said it was retarded, but honestly and truly...I was thoroughly entertained.
Oh! and I can't forget visiting my favorite Golden Spoon - the only one I know that still won't rip you off....

Sunday: Pretty regular, went to church, ate leftovers and then we went on a long walk in the back bay (near the nature center) and it was a TON of fun...also picked out our future home :)

Monday: On Monday we got up pretty early to meet our Bro-in-law and a few nieces and nephews at his boat in Huntington and we took it out to Catalina! I have to admit, I was not prepared for the speed, wetness and anxiety that ensued as we left the harbor, but I'm glad I toughed through it, it was a good experience for my wussy self. Once we got to Catalina others snorkeled while I stayed in the boat (the water was WAY to choppy OK?!) but luckily I talked my bro-in-law to taking us to a nearby cove where I got in the water and swam to land (my stomach needed some calming...) it felt good to get out of my comfort zone, it needs to happen more often.
After more snorkeling, etc we headed back home and my face is now evidence of me facing the sun all the way home (sunglass sunburn line: check.).

So that was the weekend. I had to write it down so that I can remember it and this summer in general. After all, our Disneyland passes are good on the weekends again, Water parks are no longer open every day and I'm seriously considering my next coat purchase...this can all only mean one thing, FALL. And I've never been more ready.


David & Natalie said...

love miss pettigrew. so cute. and i'm ready for fall too. especially the changing leaves up here...

ATK said...

I just realized...you guys go on lots of vacations..mini or not...they are still vacations! And you guys get lots of cars..haha...not by choice..I know..good seeing you tonight. Love that you're thinking of your hubbys bday 3 months ahead of time.

Mike and Carly said...

Sounds like a great weekend... especially visiting the Adams'... right?