24 August 2009

don't worry...

the reason I haven't been blogging on this blog is not because I've decided to keep everything from everyone...nor that I'm too lazy to document our awesome lives. It's simply because...not a whole lot has gone on. :/

Well i guess we got a new car again...yes, it is the better version of our late hotred...haven't named her yet (don't want to get attached?) but she's pretty much the mother of Nona (my beloved Corolla) same color, same company, just bigger and fancier. Fancier because she has a back up camer, GPS, IPOD cable and Sunroof. This is her, but just dark blue, not black.

I like it.

Well I guess we did also have friends visit, Jeris and Suzanna were down for about a week and we enjoyed eating out, staying up late, freezing on the beach, laughing when Jeris broke that surfboard and did I mention laughing - these two are halarious - with them...no pictures though :/. But I'm confident on Robert and I's combined with Mike and Carly's efforts...we could have the Hobbs in California by next summer :)

Also, our good friends Ryan and Madison got engaged!!! It was the most exciting text message I've ever received and I couldn't be MORE happier for them...their wedding date is November 6th! I love fall weddings!! (duh.) Congrats you guys!

And now what we have to look forward to? WE'RE MOVING!! Just to Tustin but we're going to miss our little Newport Beach 1st Ward (and I'm especially going to miss our lovely Young Women :( ) but we're ready to live in a bigger and cheaper apartment (hallelujah.), also to be close to friends and family, and also a shorter commute to the train every morning for Robert and also a place with less cops, drug attics and poop (phew, that was alot of "also's"). We move into Mormon Manor a.k.a. Woodcrest apts in Tustin on October 3rd (Pencil it in, we'll need your help!), keep your fingers crossed that we get the apt. next to Mike and Carly and not the one in the corner! Oh and best of all, there's a Trader Joes within walking distance!

What I'm especially looking forward to is Robert's 30th birthday...not sure on the details yet, it's not a surprise party or anything (right...like I could pull that off??) but I promise good food, good punch, good cake, good smells, cute decorations and handmade invitations are all in the future. Friday, December 18th! Once again, pencil it in! It's still 4 months away but I figure it's like planning a wedding...

I really like this garland...of course it won't be pink.

Other than that, our 1 year anniversary is slowly yet surely (and will be here before we know it once we move) approaching and I am slowly yet surely re-introducing the idea of a cruise (Mexico of course)! I hope it happens!

Ok, ok so I lied...alot has gone on.


Mike and Carly said...

I am SO excited for all your news! I totally think that we can talk Jeris and Suz into moving here. Oh and I'm excited you guys are moving HERE! And Robert's birthday party is definitely on our calender. I can't wait. And I really really want to go to Mexico!

dre said...

i am looking forward to your baking... that is... if we are invited to his party...