22 November 2009

Georgia on my mind.

To celebrate our first whole year of marriage - and to really just take a much-needed vacation - Robert and I went to Savannah, Georgia...
I know, I know what some if not all of you are thinking at this point, "Why Savannah??" Well, I've always wanted to see the South and as prices grew higher and higher the longer we were indecisive about a trip to NYC...Savannah it was. And let me tell you, it was the best trip I've ever taken.

Here are some highlights:

This is Robert in Reynold's Square, it was the square right next to our hotel. (look at those trees!!)

All the iron work everywhere was gorgeous. This was my favorite.

In a square after our anniversary dinner, we ate at a restaurant called The Olde Pink House it was very fancy...I got the lobster.

One of our many times of wandering the city, this is the Cotton Exchange where they used to buy and sell the first cotton clothing.

We rented bikes one day to be able to get around the city better...this was one of those days I wish I could re-live everyday.

Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant. I got the buffet. Best fried chicken I've ever eaten. Let's just say I had trouble standing up straight when we left.

Relaxing in another of the many squares. This is right before I found the ugliest, hugest bug on Robert's shoulder and we both jumped up and squirmed around like idiots. priceless.

The Atlantic Lake, I mean Ocean.

At Fort Polanski. It was a really neat Fort from the Civil War era. As I took this picture Robert had his hand outside in the shape of a gun and was saying "Boom, boom,boomboomboom..." classic.

Nice sunset over the Georgian marshes. It was strange seeing it set over something that wasn't an ocean. A nice change.

So that was Georgia. It was beautiful, it was relaxing. Mostly though...it was nice to be with Robert celebrating our first year of marriage and remembering our special day and our honeymoon and trying to relive it. Ok, enough shmoopyness. Savannah's awesome. go there.


dre said...

this looks better than NYC almost... ALMOST...

You are beautiful!

rantipoler said...

The South really is incredibly beautiful. When I first moved here everything was so green all the time I felt like I was in the garden of Eden. And the changing seasons are breathtaking.

Mike and Carly said...

Great way to make me even MORE jealous of your trip!