19 March 2009

Tagging is for lovers.

Took this from Miriam who wrote it lovelier than I did, but thus is life...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? 10 years ago I just turned 14, was adjusting to my new home of Newbury Park, CA, loathing Sequoia Middle School and after school marching band practice for the Conejo Valley Days parade of death.

2.Things On My To Do list: Actually go to the doctor today and finish the YW message board.

3. Bad Habits: Biting my nails, eating dessert after every meal, watching DVR instead of reading my books.

4. Places I have Lived: Port Hueneme, Woodland Hills, Newbury Park, Provo, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach

5. Things Most People Don't Know About Me: I get sick about once a month, I'm terrified of the dark and the deep ocean, I think realizing "cool or trendy" people/things are dumb is the secret to happiness with yourself, I'd live in the South in a heartbeat if my heart could stand it, and I knew I'd marry Robert long before our first date.

I tag: Anyone who reads this (but especially: Sara Doud, Natalie Fenn, Mofo and Kim Mays)

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