05 March 2010

friday night.

(This picture has nothing to do with this post, but wasn't, I mean isn't, my husband the cutest?!)

Robert and Mike are playing Smash Brothers so I thought I'd take this moment of extreme boredom (Carly - you know where I'm coming from) to update our blog!

This week has been long for multiple reasons, let's put it this way, I made dinner on Sunday for some neighbors and the last few days that house has stunk when we've come home from a dirty dishes/trash can stank. So now that you all know I'm a wonderful homemaker, I vow to deep clean the house tomorrow morning.

Life is good though. Robert's been working hard to study for his upcoming PE exam (prayers would be nice!). For those of you who don't know the PE exam is the "Professional Engineer" exam - the one you have to take to become a real engineer, the real dealio, if you will. It's 2 days long in April, as of now Robert is taking a class every Saturday (that's like working 6 days a week + studying during the week) to prepare. So his life has been full lately, to say the least.

As for me (Kari that is, as if Robert has ever written in this blog, let alone read it regularly ;) ), I'm staying busy working and getting to know our new ward (I can still consider myself new if I've been here 5 months and have had limited social interaction with anyone outside my courtyard right??). I'm loving Woodcrest and all the friends we've made (see previous comment on those I've met in our courtyard). Working full-time in downtown LA is crazy, but I'm slowly getting used to it - someone please remind me why I quit my 20 hour a week job please? I turn 25 on Monday (whitegirlsaywhat??) so I'm having some heart palpitations about that, but I think I'll survive.

Robert still laughs anytime I mention painting the living room...but I'm making progress.
Our bedroom still looks like an empty, boring, bland, horrific dungeon...but I have a plan, I swear.
I'm learning to love vacuuming, but mopping is not coming on as fast (but I do love my new huge kitchen).
I found out last weekend that I should not have been using 409 on our wood-top (I swear it's like laminated or something) coffee table, so I've been worried about it ever since (see previous post of dishes not getting done and stinkin' up my house all week - and you'll understand why my wood still sits, un-pledged).

That's how we've been.

OK, the insults between Robert and Mike are getting louder...wish me luck.

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