13 January 2011

ok the real reason?

OK so the real reason I haven't blogged since October (who am I?) is because in early November we found out we're having a baby! Thus for the past 15 or so weeks nothing has interested me more than babies and not being sick anymore!

Now for details
I'm 15 weeks as of yesterday, which makes me due on July 6th.

Back in late October when my grandfather passed away, I started getting really hungry, I just felt like a bottomless pit. So I took a test one morning - got a really obvious YES, snuck back into bed (I took the test at 3am, I couldn't wait ok?!), and not so patiently waited for Robert to wake up. When he did I just leaned over and said, "Well, it says I'm pregnant." Not your "we're having a baby I Love Lucy special" but it sure did wake Robert up as I believe his reaction was "huuuhhh??" in a grunting awake sort of way. I think it's right up there with "Will you marry me man?" (true story.)

So for the next month and a half I became a recluse, stopped running (I don't want to talk about it.) acquired a taste for 3 breakfasts a day (6am, 7am, and 8:30am), and would rather not remember Thanksgiving 2010 for the rest of my life - not the company, well yes the company of one gummy bear baby in my belly making me crazy miserable.

We announced the pregnancy to both our families on Christmas, Robert's family (some of them) on Christmas Eve, and my family on Christmas. Everyone is really excited, and now that everyone knows it has me actually believing I get to have a baby! A squishy little love of my own.

We get to find out if it's a boy or girl on February 7th, Robert really wants a boy, therefore I think it's a boy, but we'll see if we get surprised! This will be grandchild #50 for Robert's mom and grandchild #6 for my mom!

"Morning" sickness is a million times better since Thanksgiving, but I'm still not 100% out of the woods (2nd trimester, where are you?). I'm emotional, cry at the drop of a hat in church or to any movie. And I really like candy - combine that with not running and well, gross.

It's crazy to believe that one little crush I had on a guy in my ward has now turned into us making a babe. told you I was emotional.


Rachel said...

so exciting!!

Dan and Sherri Overton said...

I'm so super excited for you guys! And cracking up about your crying and candy cravings...I'm waiting for that phase to end for me. Dan is a saint for not completely busting out laughing when he looks over and I'm crying at a movie starring "The Rock."

veronica and alden said...

just creepin on your blog...you get to find out what you're having a whole week before me, i'm jealous! i feel you on thanksgiving. thinking of a big thanksgiving turkey makes me want to barf

Carly A said...

Awww. I like that last line... michael and I were talking about the same trhing last night. It's crazy how this life goes. I can't wait for baby Williams to come. So exciting!