25 February 2012


There are these crazy moments as a first time Mom when you are so happy about a new trick your baby has done and you can't stop smiling. Then you soon realize this happiness means you're proud of them, which then makes you feel so old because that's what your Mom used to say to you after colorguard competitions (oh? ...just me on the colorguard?) Then you realize you're almost 27, and you're already starting to think about when you'll get pregnant again so you're babies will be buddies, which means you only have so long to lose these last 7 pounds so you can start out not already fat like last time.
and thus is my life for the next 10+ years of having babies.

But seeing EmmaJane sleep successfully on her stomach this morning and how gosh darn cute she is makes me not care how long I have not being pregnant or how fat I get next time.

I want babies, lots of them.

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Mike and Jen said...

i think its quite possible that i am addicted to babies. and im glad im not alone ;)