03 January 2009

we are lakers fans.

My only beef with the staples center: they don't serve salsa with their nachos just cheese, but they were still alright.
and it was SO close oh man SO close, no not the game BOO-tah was sunk by those Lakers they were ahead the whole time, thanks to Pau-whose name i thouroughly enjoy saying. But it was close on tacos. you see they have this thing at Staples Center where if the Lakers keep the other team under 100 than all attending get a coupon for 2 free tacos...but just in the last 30 seconds BOO-tah shot a 3 pointer putting them at exactly 100. where they stayed. grrr...don't they know what those greasey things mean to me? ugh i was already planning our victory pictures but now all you get is this.
final score 113 to 100, Lakers. next time i'm sitting next to Jack.

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