21 January 2009

I'm still cool.

So yesterday as I was moseying on into Albertson's to return our redbox movie (which I had unknowingly left in the car) a young man approached me. Now I have to explain the last time this happened in this very same parking lot it was a similar 18 or something looking kid (I can say kid because I'm married now) who had approached me and was trying to sell me hair products--which I probably needed. Anyways, on this trip as the kid approached me I tried to avoid eye contact as I often do and suddenly become def or non-English speaking. But all he needed was money for the bus...ugh. I couldn't turn him down, I knew I had some change wondering around the bottom of my purse from Robert and I's new "cash-allowance" program (helps me maintain my thrift store addictions), so really giving this kid some change would help both of us. So I scurry around my purse, quick to cover the $10 bill that was about to pop out and find a $1 bill and hand it to him. Now because this kid was a kid and fairly well dressed in his what I think was a pretty darn new Billabong hoodie, I did not get the typical "God bless" as I usually do in downtown L.A., oh no this kid looked at that $1 bill (after all he had just asked for some "change") and with bright eyes said, "Thanks! You're cool..." it was SO satisfying, you can't even imagine. And thus some 18 year old kid made my day.
Later after telling Robert my story I said, "I just hope he didn't go buy cigarettes with it." Robert's response, "nah, probably just candy."
Which is fine by me.