12 February 2009

the cold days.

For as often as I get sick (which is approx. once a month) I've learned to handle it pretty well. Yes, it kills me to sit at home with a million things to be done around me and I haven't a lick of energy to do them, but letting myself be lazy is rare, so I sit and enjoy my hours of HGTV.

Not only this but the hours of sleep on top of not being able to eat anything but apples and cereal make my body lean as it ever can be--a stereotypical girl perk of getting sick. but yes I really do think these things.

But soon I cannot handle it any longer and not being able to cook dinner, Robert almost without fail takes me out somewhere to eat some scrumptious fat food, because I'm sick and the diet goes out the window.

Putting on my sloppiest outfit and lowering myself slowly into the car all for that plate of fettuccine alfredo and mozzerella appetizer, is so worth it.

Last night this tradition lived on as we had to use our coupon at Maggiano's for $20 off a purchase of $50 or more...I ordered a 'shirley temple' for the first time in a long time, and it was delectable. And we still have dinner for tonight too.

So being sick sucks...but being pampered by your husband does NOT.

But the Lakers lost to boo-tah...and that still sucks.

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