15 May 2009

6 month-i-versary!

One of those wedding day moments, you know the ones when one of you say "Hey husband!" or "Hey wife!" it's all so exciting...

I seriously remember our 6 month dating-versary like it was yesterday, I remember being so excited that day because it was my longest relationship and I knew I was in love for good-even though neither of us had admitted to it yet. This was taken that summer of 2007...I can't believe it's almost been 2 years since then!

and yes I still wear that red-Asian inspired dress every chance I get, Urban Outfitters never disappoints.

So now here we are 6 months into being MARRIED as of today May 15th, and I'm already finding it hard to remember how it was to have to say good-bye to him every night and walk him to his car, or him walk me to mine and stand at our car doors and kiss and hug until it was 30 minutes later and we had to get realistic...because now it's more like, "You finish the Lakers game and tell me how it goes, I'm going to go read and then go to bed." aaahh...romance.

As far as what I remember from the wedding day? Waking up really early and really awake, yet really calm. My biggest concern being realizing that I was going to get married that day and making sure I had enough time to do my hair--and I did, both. Also, realizing on the way to the temple that I was leaving for Maui the next day, it was really exciting--Honeymoons are the best invention ever.

So Happy 6 month-i-versary mi Roberto, here's to many more 6 months of nights of reading in bed side by side, having sleepovers when you have to wake up at 6am and countless delivered pizzas. Love you babycakes.

I love this picture, it's like us walking into our future together...so corny, but it makes me get really teary eyed. I loved this day with all my heart and will always cherish it.

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Meg said...

i read your blogs all the time. and i see the pictures you post. but i just now realized in this very post, what it is that makes me love your wedding pictures. aside from your beauty and grace< which is evident even in a photograph, today i noticed robert's suit. it's such a good looking suit! and on top of that it shows that style...that one-of-a-kind kari (simonsen) williams style. i mean, we had similar style, but i secretly envied your ability to make ANYTHING work. and to see this same unique style on him...it just shows that he's definitely made for you. and that may seem silly, that it could come down to something so simple. but the thing is, it's not simple at all. your style is so complex, and so unique that only the perfect man with the right uniqueness could compliment it. and it fits. you and him. i hadn't realized that until i read this post. so...happy 6 month-i-versary kar :) i'm glad you've found such happiness.